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  • HDG Danforth Anchor

    HDG Danforth Anchor, Hot Dipped Galvanized Danforth Anchor, Sand Anchor

    YCH anchor & accessories are mainly made by precision casting & forging. Materials are including stainless steel with high quality mirror polished, carbon steel with hot deep galvanized(HDG), painted, powder coating, aluminum alloy with color painted. We provide all popular types of anchors & connectors for the world market, such as bruce type anchor, CQR(plow) type anchor, Danforth type anchor, folding anchor, mushroom anchor, river anchor, delta anchor, navy anchor. This anchor has the traditional holding power which has always been associated with Danforth Standard Anchors. The shank is made of high strength steel. Danforth anchors offer high holding power and great durability at a moderate cost. The flukes are strong and wide permitting the anchor to hold your boat in place in tough conditions. Angled crown plates give this anchor quick, deep penetration. The anchors are hot-dip galvanized for long lasting corrosion resistance. Danforth anchors are great anchors in sandy or muddy bottoms as they rely on penetrating the sand or mud to grip. These are a very popular anchor as they fold down flat, are easy to stow once on board and have good holding power. The sand anchor should not be used on reef or rock, as it will not be able to penetrate and hold. The 'double fluke' design makes sand anchors prone to losing their grip when the tide and the direction of the pull changes.
  • Cleat

    Stainless Steel Open Base Cleat, Herreshoff Cleat

    Stainless Steel 316 Open Base Cleat YCH deck & cabin hardware products are mainly made by precision casting with highly mirror polished stainless steel to make your boat shiny! Products are including cleat, brace back, curve rack, hinge, chock, antenna mount, deck filler, pipe, ladder, hatch lift, through hull fitting, fishing rod holder, hold down clamp, rail fitting... YCH is an experienced manufacturer of marine hardware products. We use high quality stainless steel 316 to produce marine and rigging hardware. For customers' confidence, we provide XRF material analysis, in-house lab certificate and salt spray test report for each shipment. Our goal is to make sure our customers to receive the correct material of the products they demanded!
Company Profile
YCH Marine offers the experience, knowledge, and personal service you look for to equip your boat with best stainless steel marine, rigging hardware and fittings. Under ISO 9001 standard and over 20 years of manufacturing, we are very sure that our best quality control, prompt delivery and after service will be fully satisfied with you.

YCH Marine are specialized in producing, supplying, developing Anchors, Anchor Connectors, Marine Hardware like Cleats, Chocks, Rail Fittings, Rail End Fittings, Hinges, Hold Down Clamps, Hatch Lifts, Deck Fillers, Through Hull Fittings, Hawse Deck Pipes, Antenna Mounts, Fishing Rod Holders, Ski Tow Rings, Boat Ladders, Boat Electrical Parts like LED Boat Lamps, Lifesaving Equipments like Life Buoys, Life Jackets, PVC Floats, EVA Floats, Rigging Hardware like Snap Hooks, Quick Links, Spring Snaps, Spring Hooks, Turnbuckles, Shackles, Snap Shackles, Wire Rope Thimbles, Wire Rope Clips, Wire Ropes, Swivels, Pulleys, Triglides, Belt Buckles, Swage Sleeves, Eye Bolts, Eye Nuts, Eye Plates, S Hooks, O Rings, D Rings, Triangle Rings, Brass Hardware, Chains, Gas Spring, Gas Spring Accessories and so on.